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Welcome to the s​ervic​e sectio​n​!

​Here you will find some of the services that we offer. Please check back often as we are still in the process of updating and adding new things.

​Psychic Reading

Any questions or doubts about your professional or romantic future? Then choose a psychic reading today. Tells past, present, and future. Can pick up on name and/or initials, descriptions, timeframes etc. $75

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Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards are a great tool in learning more about ourselves, our situations, and the path we are on. This reading covers love, marriage, career and self awareness.  $50

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Palm Reading

Palm readings help to understand your present, explain your characteristics, and detail your current situation. If it's a general outlook you are looking for this is the right choice for you. $25

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Soulmate Connection

Are you wondering if he/she is the right one? What they're thinking/feeling? Will I ever meet the right one? Will I ever get married? If you have these questions this is the reading for you, don't waste time find out who your soulmate is today! I'm a soulmate specialist. Specializing in love and relationships. $65​

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Crystal Energy Reading

Get a better understanding with whats going on in your life with an effective energy reading. Find out what color your aura is and what this means for your journey. $80​

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Chakra analysis and balancing​

Add balance back into your life through a chakra reading and healing. With a chakra reading and healing, we can identify the stronger and weaker ones and help rebalance the energy in your life. I can help you by caring for the seven powerful, pulsing centers of energy in the center of your body. $150

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